Cell Monitoring is a new type of application to monitor performances of a mobile network. It gives the possibility to monitor LTE, WCDMA and GSM network from anywhere at anytime using just a mobile device.

It has never been so easy to monitor a Wireless network.

Watch the video to get an overview of its amazing features!

Architecture is described on this page.

GitHub CellMonitoring App: https://github.com/sebastienFrance/CellMonitoringApp

GitHub CellMonitoring Server: https://github.com/sebastienFrance/CellMonitoringServer

Contact me: appdev@sebbrugalieres.fr


Multi-technology: Manage in the same Application LTE, WCDMA and GSM cells.

Cell Localization: Find cells using a location (e.g: time square new-york), your current GPS position, a route or by cell name. Select a cell and display all its information like address but also any radio parameters (e.g: is ANR activated, cell Frequency, ...).

KPI dashboard: Display for cells a set of KPIs and find easily worst cells. From thousands of cells you can easily find which ones are not operational. You can select your analysis period from hours to months.

Cell KPIs: Select a cell and analyze KPIs evolution during last 6 hours, last 24 hours, last 7 days, last weeks...

Cell Alarms & Parameters: Display any alarms and configuration parameters from any cells... 

Share: e-mails are automatically prepared with KPIs to share with your colleagues.

Neighbor Relation: Select a cell and it will display automatically all its neighbor relations (intra-frequency, inter-frequency, inter-RAT, ...).

Highly customizable: Define any KPIs you want to see and specialize severals KPIs dictionaries based on your needs. Select any cell parameters you need.

High performances: Manage more than 300 000 cells with 20 millions of Neighbors relations on small server.

Many others features...

Cell Monitoring is available on iPhone / iPad on IOS 7 and Mac.

Contact : appdev@sebbrugalieres.fr

Main features