You are playing a game with friends (cards, scrabble...) Who will compute scores? Score Log will do it for you!

Score Log can be used for any games you need to compute score per player. It computes the score, allows to create easily the players and will automatically record results on your iPhone. You can even share the results with your friends by email.

Main features:

  1. Create your players from your address book or manually

  2. Take a snapshot of your players

  3. Select if highest or lower score wins

  4. Games are automatically saved on each modification

  5. Continue or delete an old game

  6. Send an email to your friends with the score resul

  7. Manage positive and negative Score

  8. Cancel easily a score error and everything is automatically

  9. Add or remove a player during a game

  10. Create a new game with same players in one click

  11. Order player as you like and everything is automatically saved

  12. ...

Score Log

Something really simple to compute score when playing a game with friends (like cards). Score are recorded in database (CoreData), can be shared by Mail with friends, display old games.

Contact me: appdev@sebbrugalieres.fr

GitHub: https://github.com/sebastienFrance/ScoreBoard

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